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צפייה בסרטון

(Echad Al Echad)

Drama Series, 10 Episodes X 30 Min 

Year of Production: 2020

Hebrew with English subtitles


Written and directed by: Matan Yair

Broadcast: Kan 11 -

Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation
Produced by: Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland, Maya Fischer

Director of Photography: Yaron Scharf

Editor: Dov Steuer

Casting Director: Emmanuelle Mayer
Production designer: Lueiz Braha
Assistant Directors: Doron Ofer

Line Producers: Boaz Vexler 


Tomer Capon 

Shira Geffen 

Yiftach Klein 

Marek Rozenbaum 

Nimrod Hochenberg

Naama Cohen

Alon Ben Loulou

Daniel Muyal

Asaf Amar


Motti (Tomer Capon) is a 28-year old private tutor for struggling high students. Each student’s family and home life is complicated and broken in its own way. Every day he meets with teenagers who have trouble keeping up with their schoolwork and who need guidance, a sympathetic ear, and help in both studies and life.

As Motti tries to help his students with their problems, his own life is falling apart. In helping these kids navigate school, family, the army, and even their dreams, Motti begins to heal his own deep emotional wounds and find new meaning in his life. It is through these lessons that he regains a sense of place, of being needed again, of living a life that has meaning.

To keep himself busy, he starts working at a coffee shop, where he meets Ma’ayan. He knows she is his future wife, but she is actually engaged to someone else. Between the private lessons and his job at a coffee shop, Motti also tries to mend his relationship with his father, who abandoned the family when he was young. 

Director's Biography

Matan Yair (b. 1977) is a filmmaker, an author and a high school history and literature teacher. He's a graduate of the screenwriting program at the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School in Jerusalem, as well as of the MFA directing program at Tel Aviv University. Matan's literary and artistic work derives from his personal experiences and biography.
His first feature film, "Scaffolding" (2017), was based on his experiences as a teacher in high school, and on the life story of his ex-student, Asher Lax, who played himself in the film. The film premiered in Cannes 2017 (Acid) and TIFF 2017, won Best Film at Jerusalem FF 2017, as well as special mentions in Singapore FF and Tbilisi FF 2017, and was nominated for 8 Israeli Academy Awards. It gained rave reviews in Israel and outside and became the 2nd most viewed film in Israel in 2017, with nearly 200,000 admissions. It was sold so far to 5 territories including: France, US, Australia, Poland and China. 
Matan's latest film "Unseen"(2019) focuses on his experience working in a class for kids who were rejected from the regular school system. Matan worked with his pupils as non-actors, adjusting the language and the tone of his script to their way of speaking and behaving.
In 2009, Matan published his first novel, which is built as a diary of a teenager who documents one dramatic year of his adolescence. The novel was awarded by the National Library of Israel, described by the jury as a groundbreaking work. In 2019 he published his second book which is a collection of short stories.


UNSEEN (Feature film) - 2019, SCAFFOLDING (Feature film) - 2017

It Is Written In Your I.D That I Am Your Father (Documentary Feature Film) - 2008

Unseen (Drama) - 2012

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