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צפייה בסרטון


80 mins

Hebrew with English subtitles

Directed by: Boaz Armoni

Written by: Lior Lederman


Producers: Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland, Noa Osheroff

Director: Boaz Armoni

Writer: Lior Lederman

Director of Photography: Moshe Mishali

Editor: Amit Ginton

Original Score: Asher Goldschmidt


Itay Zvolon

Eran Peretz

Ofer Ruthenberg

Assaf Ben Shimon


Matan, a soldier in the IDF, travels with 3 soldiers whom he doesn't know to a base in the north of Israel.  Vulnerable and homesick,  Matan becomes an easy target for his peers who start playing pranks on him. However, it is not long before strange and inexplicable things begin to happen in the lonely base, and the group realize the need to watch their own backs.  As the week progresses, their worries intensify, and the soldiers begin to question whether they will make it out of this experience alive.

Director's Biography

Boaz Armoni is a writer and director. He graduated from the Beit Berl Film department with honors. His short graduation film Trains in the Desert (2008, 25 min) was screened in numerous festivals around the world and won prizes including Best International Short Film at Moondance International Film Festival,  First Prize at Next Frame: International Student Film Festival and a Special Mention at the St.Petersburg Beginning Film Festival. In 2010 Armoni wrote and directed Checkpoint (10 min) an Israel-France co-production. Armoni directs commercials and promotional films for different institutions, including Beit Hatfutzot, Acco Museum, The Palmach Museum and more. Freak Out is his debut feature film.


Toronto Jewish Film Festival, 2016
Seret Film Festival, 2016
Fantaspoa - International Fantastic Film Festival, 2016
Arizona Underground Film Festival 2016
The Sitges Film Festival, 2015

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