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Haven Trailer
צפייה בסרטון


75 mins

Year of Production : 2014

Hebrew with English subtitles

Written and Directed by Amikam Kovner


Written and Directed by: Amikam Kovner

Producers: Roi Kurland and Gal Greenspan

Director of Photography: Itay Marom

Editor: Assaf Lapid

Sound Designer: Ami Arad

Original Score: Alberto Shwartz

Production Designer: Ma'ayan Rypp

Line Producers: Ofir Goldman and Guy Martin Lahav


Nevo Kimchi

Lana Ettinger

Oshri Cohen

Rotem Zisman Cohen


During the Second Lebanon War, Motti and Keren, a young religious couple from the north of Israel, look for a place to stay to escape the tense situation in their hometown. They find themselves at Yali and Boaz's bourgeois apartment in Tel Aviv. Due to differences between the couples, conflicts begin to arise. The apartment becomes crowded and tense and Keren's obvious pregnancy becomes a painful reminder of the life Boaz and Yali will never have. Through the development of these relationships, this film tells the story of two couples who reflect some of the much greater issues facing Israeli society today.

Director's Biography

Amikam Kovner is a director and screenwriter and a graduate (with honours) from Tel Aviv University's Film Department.


Kovner's short film Scar was screened in dozens of film festivals, sold to PBS network in the US, and won the "Kodak" award for excellence. His thesis film The Home Leave was screened at numerous festivals and won awards and received an honorable mention. Kovner also made a documentary First Kiss, which was broadcast as part of "Docu - Children" - a joint project of the Second Authority and Keshet Broadcasting.  Haven is his first feature film.


Haven (2013, Israel, 75 minutes). Writer and Director.

The Home Leave (2008, Israel, 28 minutes). Writer and Director.

First Kiss (2005, Israel, documentary). Director and cinematographer.

Scar (2004, Israel, 15 minutes). Writer and Director.


Haifa International Film Festival, 2013

Moscow International Film Festival, 2013 (Premiere)

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