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צפייה בסרטון

(Leat Yoter)

84 mins

Year of Production: 2018

Hebrew with English subtitles

A Tribute to Avraham Heffner’s "Slow Down"


Written and directed by: Avraham Heffner, Maya Kenig, Sigalit Liphshitz, Orit Fouks Rotem, Eitan Anner,  Nir Bergman,  Tom Shoval
Producers: Green Productions, Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School

Curator: Renen Schorr

Cinematography : David Rudoy, Gal Rumbak, Saar Mizrahi, Nitay Netzer, Daniel Miller

Editing: Boaz Frenkel, Avigail Dahan Avshalom, Ruthy Pri-Bar, Ori Derdikman, Arik Lahav Leibovich,, Margarita Balaklav Linton




Fifty years after Slow Down by Avraham Heffner was crowned best Israeli short, top alumni of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School were challenged by that black and white film which penetrates the essence of a quarrel and reconciliation between an elderly couple in 1968 Tel Aviv. The voice-over stream of consciousness of the heroine’s poignant self-examination is the launching pad for six contemporary interpretations of couplehood, laced together in un-sane Israel, 2017. Curated by Renen Schorr, a feature length film with directors Bergman, Shoval, Kenig and Anner who all screened their first features at the Berlinale.


Jerusalem Film Festival 2018

Sarajevo film festival 2018

Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2018

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